We're excited to announce our name change! 
The AdvoConnection
Membership Organization

  During the past several years, there had been increasing confusion between AdvoConnection - the public directory that patients and caregivers can use to find an advocate to help them - and AdvoConnection - the membership organization that supports the start-up and growth of health advocacy practices (and feeds the AdvoConnection directory.)

If you're one of those folks that has been confused - then you'll be especially happy to hear about the name change - for the membership organization ONLY.
We are now

The Alliance of Professional Health Advocates
Welcome to APHA! 
What changes should be you be concerned with?  None.  Your membership is identical to your AdvoConnection membership.  If you are a Premium member of AdvoConnection, then you are now a Premium member of APHA. If you are a PACE member of AdvoConnection, then you are now a PACE member of APHA. The same is true for Directory Only members, too.

No changes at all will take place to the AdvoConnection directory site.  It will remain just as it is including all Premium and DO member's listings - their directory listings will remain as-is.

The new site is located at:  http://APHAdvocates.org

If you have questions during the transition, please contact us at our new general email address:

And if you aren't a member, the time is NOW to join!  You'll be welcomed.

Try our new general email address: